Neighbourhood Supermarket.png

Imagine a community supermarket, run by you and your neighbours, where you decide what’s on the shelves. It could be filled with local produce, healthy and ethically sourced items, your favourite sweet treats and run together by lots of friendly local faces.

This is an amazing opportunity to design and create a new food shop in Thames. Come along to the very first part of exploring the idea of a Neighbourhood Supermarket, a store co-created with local residents.

How does a community-run supermarket work?

Local people come up with the stock list and how and where the produce for the shop is supplied. For those who would like to pay a little less for their shopping, you could receive a discount in exchange for working shifts in-store. Shifts will be flexible so the hours can be organised to fit with your everyday life.

Training would be provided so local people can gain skills in everything from stock management, customer service, processing payments and much more.The really important part is that it is affordable and accessible. Everyone would work together to build relationships with local stock providers and ensure the supermarket is a place for everyone.

If you’d like to know more about how community supermarkets can work in lots of different ways and see the projects over page.