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The Open Fridge is a public fridge which allows people to share their surplus food. The fridge can help you reduce your food waste, save money and create a real sense of win. Simply place fruit, vegetables and bread in the fridge for others to enjoy, or drop by to see what’s up for grabs. 

When we started talking about a sharing fridge idea we found that there were lots of residents interested in reducing food waste. Kathy, a local resident, is a keen composter who picks up food waste from the Barking shop to take to her allotment in Dagenham. In Dagenham, Siddika has exchanged her food waste for eggs and she was interested in taking this idea further. 

What can’t go in the fridge?

- Meat or fish

- Leftovers, especially cooked food

- Homemade unlabelled items

- Alcohol 

- If in doubt chat to one of the team

How can I get involved?

- Daily cleaning, organising and checking the quality of the food

- Picking  up surplus food from nearby markets and businesses to put in the fridge

- Taking the food you fancy