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Are you a maker that wants to take the next step into creating a business? Is there a skill you need to learn before you can take that step?

Link with freelancers, makers and creatives to expand your networks, share knowledge and collaborate on new opportunities. Asha is a maker involved in the collaborative business programme. She wants to create a culture of makers helping each other to achieve their goals. In these sessions Asha will be demonstrating how to use Inkscape. These sessions encourage any skill level to attend.


Inkscape Basics

Thursday 31 October | 6.00 - 8.00pm

116 Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, RM10 9RL

In this session Asha will be going through the basics of Inkscape, a programme that helps you design items to cut out or embroidered.


Inkscape Cafe

Wednesday 13 November | 12.30 - 2.30pm

116 Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, RM10 9RL

Do you want to learn more? Maybe you have a problem you need help with. Come along to practice what you learnt or ask questions about Inkscape.