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Friday 15 & Saturday 16 March 2019 

47 Thames Road, IG11 0HQ

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We Make Our City Festival celebrates the launch of the borough’s public makerspace, The Warehouse in Thames Road, which will be filled with shared spaces, equipment and collaborative business programmes. 

Join us for a special launch supper on Friday and A full day of amazing activities on Saturday at the new Warehouse!

The We Make Our City Festival is an exciting Saturday full of creativity and energy.  We will be making lots of things and sharing the stories of people doing amazing neighbourhood projects in Barking and Dagenham and from further afield!

You’ll get the chance to see what The Warehouse is all about throughout the day. You will be able to visit the different spaces and meet other local people involved. You will also get to hear inspiring talks and best of all get the chance to try some hands-on making activities, meeting the different machines and talking about ideas that you have.

There will be a cafe running between 12 - 3pm where you will get the chance to taste food from local residents interested in working together (perhaps with you!) to start a new catering collective. There will be several food demos and collective food making. If you are thinking about signing up for one of the food collaborative business programmes — you will be able to talk to residents who came together to start test trading under the new Pantry brand.The vast majority of sessions are hosted by local residents of Barking and Dagenham, a borough full of the most amazing talents!


Here’s a breakdown of the festival

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