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tim warin

Project Designer, Thames

Why I wanted to join the team

I'm interested in being part of finding ways to improve cities for inhabitants and to foster sustainability. I have long been involved in projects that get people working together and create change, and am excited about the scale and scope of change that can be accomplished over the coming years by the every one every day project. Communities in cities can be fragmented and lonely, and can't wait to help build a model that can bring people together and create a more vibrant and inclusive everyday for individuals. There is a huge potential for this to really change people’s lives, build social resilience and create more sustainable cities across the world.. 

A little bit about Tim's background

Tim has a long background in campaigning, researching and working in urban sustainability. Following recent completion of an MSc in Sustainable Cities in Copenhagen he is interested in innovative ways to foster sustainability and social resilience. Tim Is an expert in community engagement and motivating people to make change, he excels in learning new skills and problem solving.