Imagine becoming part of an enterprising community developing ideas and business in Barking and Dagenham, based in a new warehouse space built exclusively for residents with free access.

Are you working from home and need space to grow? Are you sitting at work right now and you're finally ready to make that career change? You may have  a hobby or side project that could become a full time job? Or maybe there's an idea you've always wanted to test out?

The Every One Every Day initiative has secured £850,000 from the London Mayor's Good Growth Fund.

We have moved into a warehouse in Thames Road, Barking and are busy creating a new type of space in the borough. This will be a place where residents can come to make things together - new products for new collaborative businesses or just work informally and learn new skills.

47 Thames Road, Barking,

IG11 0HQ


What is a makerspace?

It's a new type of workspace with lots of equipment. The warehouse will operate much like a public library, giving residents of the borough the ability to work informally together, design and make new products, or make items that improve local neighbourhoods. 

 What do we mean by Open Access?

There will be no costs for using the space. The Warehouse is an opportunity for sharing skills and ideas. Residents that love using the warehouse will be part of maintaining the spaces and develop skills within the community. The Warehouse visual here is the winning entry from a partnership between Public Works and Of ce of Crafted Architecture who have been chosen for The Warehouse 

Build update & Festival Launch

The plans have changed a little, with a build in Dagenham East delayed, so we will likely be working from 47 Thames Road for the rest of 2019.

Join us for a special launch supper on Friday and A full day of amazing activities on Saturday at the new Warehouse!


A Makerspace For Families

orange socks.jpg

Lots of residents have been asking and exploring what kind of environment would be needed to make it possible for families to come to The Warehouse to design, make and tinker together. 

Together we have co -designed an initial framework for the first 3 months to test how this might work in practice. We also wanted to keep in mind that people without children might need times when they can work without children in the building.

A Family Making Day

One day a week families will be welcome to attend and bring their children with them. Children will be their parents responsibility and will be allowed to accompany their parents throughout the space, except in areas with dangerous equipment.  For the first three months this will be Tuesday 10am - 8pm.On the other days when the space is open children will still be welcome but will need to be looked after by a parent or other adult in the Imagination Space only.


There will be a Mini-makers resource section in the Imagination Space where families will be able to use equipment designed for younger children e.g. sewing machines.

Imagination Space and Collaborative Childcare

It is planned that a space in the Warehouse will be created for younger members to play, create and make.  This will also be a good place for parents to look after each others children to allow for bursts of concentrated work or for using more dangerous equipment.

Playleader Session

There will be one four hour session per week with a playleader on Thursdays . This will enable families to engage fully with the Collaborative Business Programmes. Please see the website for times.


Open Hours For The First 3 Months 

warehouse b&w.jpg

Open hours for the first 3 months 

We are busy creating spaces and equipping them for the opening We Make Our City Festival on the 16th March 2019.  This will be the first official open day, but we want to invite people to help co-design the space and help ensure that the equip the space the best way we can with people who are going to use it.

You are invited to Co-design Workshops on the following evenings:

1. 20 Feb 6pm - 8pm 47 Thames Road

2. 5 March 6pm - 8pm - 47 Thames Road

Launch We Make Our City Festival

15th March - Celebration Supper 6pm - 8pm

16th March - Festival all day — see the following pages


Weekly Warehouse Tour each Thursday at 11am for anyone wanting to see the space and become a member. Please refer to the closed dates below.

Opening times

From the 19th March - 30 June the weekly opening hours will be as follows:

Tuesday 10am - 8pm

Thursday 10am - 5pm

Friday 2pm - 5pm

Saturdays 10am - 5pm on the following dates:

March 16 

March 23

April 6 

April 27 

May 11 

May 25 

June 8 

June 22 

Closed on the following dates:

April 19 - 26

May 4 - 6

May 25 - 27