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Teen Trade Schools are designed by teenagers to share skills with each other in exchange for simple barter items.

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Sessions at 5 Porters Avenue, Dagenham, RM9 5YS


#Sew a handmade bag

Wednesday 13 November | 5.00 -7.00pm

5 Porters Avenue, Dagenham RM9 5YS

My name is Connor and Iā€™m often at the Warehouse trying new things, learning skills and making stuff in the fabric area. I want to share how to make fabric bags from scratch and welcome you to join me. I use fabric that I find at car boot sales and fabric shops to make bags with a personal touch.

Barter Items:

1. Nice fabric

2. A book

3. Custard creams

4. Patterns (for making new fabric projects)


#Bars, Beats & Behind the scenes

Wednesday 30 October | 4.00pm - 5.00pm

5 Porters Avenue, Dagenham RM9 5YS

Have you ever wondered how your favourite songs were brought to life? Join Semi and Brainard to learn about working with different beat patterns, counting bars, writing lyrics, and telling your story. Richmond will be filming the session and will share what he has learned about the world of v-logging.

Barter Items:

1. A story to tell

2. A favourite song

3. A beat/ instrumental

4. A snack