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Sharing is vital for relationships, learning, building trust, saving resources … and it feels great.

Join your neighbours this December and unleash your imagination by taking part in the Sharing Cafe. Lots of sharing possibilities have been created by local residents. Bring your ideas, friends, food, clothes, languages and share in each others company for the first Sharing Cafe

All events being held at 116 Church Elm Lane, RM10 9RL



Everyone has clothes they rarely wear. Share & Mend is a community clothes exchange, where you can exchange your less loved/worn clothes for some thing fresh for the new year. 

1.00 - 7.30 pm


Over the 3 days the Sharing Cafe is open, there will be a variety of food and drink available for you to try in exchange for giving feedback on various menu options. Local residents are providing home cooked food over the weekend so come along and try something new or enjoy something you know you will love. If you have a dish that you would like to share in the cafe, please feel free to bring it along.


Hot drinks and delicious locally made cakes by Deborah.

Saturday Morning: 

Various healthy brunch options, by Claire, to keep you energised and hot drinks including various coffee and tea options.

Saturday Evening: 

Delicious vegetarian hot soup, by Zenab, and bread along with tea and coffee options..and of course hot chocolate to keep everyone snug and warm.


Various dishes from around the world by local parents...feel free to bring along your favourite main or side dish or a dessert to share with neighbours






Dance Fitness 


With great music, flowing movements and a fast pace, this session will leave you feeling energised. All fitness levels welcome.

My name is Neusa and I’m a health and well being coach, I want to share a fun way to keep you fit.

Boxing Fitness

10.45 - 11.15am

Come and join Vanessa in this challenging and fun boxing session. No equipment necessary, just a spring in your step.

I’m Vanessa, a local mum and entrepreneur, and I’m passionate about empowering women and helping young people reach their potential.

Everyday Relaxation

11.30am - 12.00pm

Learn relaxation tips and tricks with Husna. She will show how you could manage stressful situations and days.

Hi I’m Husna, in the past years I’ve become fascinated by alternative well being practices. I’m excited to share some of what I’ve learned to help you prioritise your own well being.

Beginners Yoga

12.15 - 12.45pm

Join Claire for an introduction to yoga in a relaxed setting with calming music. The session will include beginner poses and breathing exercises.

My name is Claire and I am a mum to 2 and a trained yoga teacher. My aim is to encourage you to take time for yourself which will help in all areas of your life. 

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2.30 - 4.30 pm 

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life? Vision boards are a creative way to explore your goals for the future. Through the use of collage and craft materials, prompts and encouragement, this session will give you time to contemplate how to make the most out of the year ahead. All welcome.

About the host 

My name is Claire, I am a yoga teacher, with lots of interests, business plans and two children. Like everyone I sometimes wonders how l’ll make time to meet all my goals. 




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The Truth About Trains

Sunday 6 Dec | 10.00 - 10.30am

Faiz will reveal everything he knows about how trains are built, how they run, their speeds and the difference between trains in different countries.

About the host

My name is Faiz and I am six years old. I love dancing, playing Frustration and drawing and talking about trains and cars.

Trade School Barter Items

1. A Bugatti

2. Fruit salad

3. A Joke

4. A new dance move


Street Dance 

Sunday 6 Dec | 11.30am - 12:00pm

Lexi will show you some of her favourite dance steps.

About the host: 

I am Lexi, I’m 10. I love dancing, science and reading and singing.

Trade School Barter Items

1. Colouring pencils

2. A new song

3. A magazine

4. A smile

5.30 - 8.30 pm 

Music and poetry are best when shared and enjoyed together. This is your chance to share a song, poem or reading with neighbours. Somewhere between an open stage and a listening party, this is your chance to express yourself in a homely living room setting.

If you don’t feel ready to perform, we will also have a record player for vinyl fans to share their favourites for others to appreciate. This is sure to be a warm and inspiring evening, full of ear opening sounds. 


Kids Trade School

We all have skills and knowledge to share and young people are no exception. In this Trade School takeover, we'll be hearing from some young residents on topics from trains, cooking, dance, science and chickens. It's going to be fascinating. Drop by to learn something new. 

For this exciting session, some amazing kids will be sharing some impressive skills. These young people are aged between 6 to 16 and have been involved in Every One Every Day projects in the Dagenham shop. They’re ready to share what they know. Bring your barter items and buckle in for some inspiring info and know how.

Kids teaching skills to other kids for barter items .

Children attending 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 


Simple Pasta

Sunday 6 Dec | 10.45 - 11.15am 

Kessie will show you how she makes her favourite simple pasta dish. 

About the host: 

Hi I’m Kessie and I’m 8 years old. I love Judo, cooking and learning new things as well as sharing ideas with others.

Trade School Barter Items

1. Your favourite pasta shape

2. Your favourite vegetable

3. An Italian word

4. An appetite 


Happy Chickens

Sunday 6 Dec | 12.15 - 12.45pm

Aidan has been learning how to look after chickens in the Dagenham shop and will hopefully get some of his own soon. Come and learn all things chickens from him.

About the host: 

I’m Aidan and I’m 16. I’m into making things, wood work, bike maintenance and chickens.

Trade School Barter Items

1. Sunflower seeds

2. Reclaimed wood for coop

3. A chicken joke

4. Mealworms


Hot Chocolate In A Jar

Sunday 6 Dec | 1.00 - 1.30pm

Morgan will be sharing with everyone her gorgeous and delicious hot chocolate in a jar idea. It’s a perfect gift for someone you care about or you could spoil yourself instead.

About the host: 

I am Morgan, I’m 12 years old and live in Dagenham. I like electrical, designing and creating new things and enjoy finding new life hacks for school.

Trade School Barter Items

1. Chocolate / Biscuits 

2.Note pad

3.Colourful ribbon

4. A hug 


Sharing Cultures

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Cultural Exchange

2.00 - 4.00pm

The Culture Exchange brings together anyone who is interested in sharing words, stories and food from other cultures. In this borough, there are many people that speak more than one language and lots who are interested in learning languages.

The Culture Exchange will begin with a story reading of "Portraits by Arty" (a children's book by a local author). It will be interactive reading with the audience taking part in learning some basic words in different languages. This will be a great session designed by local parents that both speak other languages as well as others who want to learn languages. 

You are invited to bring a main or side dish that represents where you are from in the world so everyone can share and have a taste. Everyone is welcome.