Sam charleS akpan

Operations Co-ordinator

Why I wanted to join the team

I started as an intern and immediately got inspired by the work the organisation provides, I was inspired by the amount of effort and work the team puts together to create participation.

I love finding out strategies to make people work together, and I always think of solutions to major issues in our communities, for example, global warming, gangs, pollution. Etc .

Everyone everyday gave my the ability to voice my thoughts and also act on it,I'm extremely excited to be part of the team and project and see this organisation grows globally and impact in our communities and lives.These are few of the many many reasons why I wanted to join Everyone Every Day, I repeat once again that this project is going to change lives immensely.

A little bit about my background

After finishing college I always knew I wanted to become an airline pilot, I started taking little steps as it is a very expensive course, working in various organisations both public and private, developing and discovering skills.Whilst working, i was lucky enough to work with a large number of people with different backgrounds and challenges, this grew a lot of interest in working with people. amazingly everyone everyday opportunity came along so I grabbed it with my two hands, it's been amazing working here.