Would you like to start a Public Office project near you?

Public office is a network of freelancers who meet to co-work for a few hours in a different space each week. Sessions are completely open, often based around different themes. Anyone can bring a laptop, or notepad and join the group to work with others. Bringing together freelancers and homeworkers, or people looking for employment creates more opportunities to meet others, share skills and build new projects and businesses.

Example of sessions hosted by other residents in the past included:

1. 60 minute marketing plan
2. How to survive being self-employed
3. Essential finance tips for being self-employed
4. Design a website in a day
5. Social media marketing
6. Starting a co-operative
7. Testing your business ideas

Do you have business skills you would like to share with others and could host a session? 

Pop along to the information session at the Festival of Every One on the 25th November. We have two Public Office sessions lines up for January - See January Events.





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