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Play Street

Play Streets temporarily stop traffic in a residential street, cul-de-sac or square, creating an opportunity for children to play safely outside.


Business Development Programme

Every One Every Day will be running 4 - 6 Business Development Programmes each year. These will be running on a few specialist themes based. 


Food Show & Tell 

Every One Every Day will be running a specialist Food Inc programme later in 2018, and Food Day will be your chance to shape how this programme is designed. 

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Community Sings

Fun, informal singing for everyone! We will get together, learn a song from different places around the world introduced and led by a local resident.


This is our Story 

This is Our Story is a resident network of local researchers who will share their observations and insights of the projects through stories, film and photos.


Wild Walks 

Do you take a beautiful walk somewhere in Barking and Dagenham and would like to share this with others? Get in touch and we can add your walk to the growing collection.


Light Room 

A free public photography space, open to everyone. Whether you have a smart phone or a digital camera, the studio is the perfect space.


Pop Up Workshop

A room full of tools in Barking to start new making, repairing & sharing projects! We are creating a small Pop Up Workshop in one of the rooms in the Ripple Road shop, Barking.


People’s Corner

Would you like it to be a social space, an extended garden for the neighbourhood, a play area or a growing space for fruit and vegetables? Residents in Dagenham have chosen an area to redesign together.


Great Cook

The Great Cook is a project where people come together to batch cook meals. Everyone brings ingredients and takes home portions for the week. 


Have a Seat

A really simple idea: to have a chair available near the door of the shop that welcomes shoppers to ‘have a seat’ for a while - without any expectaion to buy anything.


Public Office

Public office is a network of freelancers who meet to co-work for a few hours in a different space each week. Sessions are open, based on different themes. 


Story Box

A place for all ages to share stories that capture your imagination and do fun activities that are linked to them in a relaxed community cafe environment.


Trade School

Trade School is an alternative, self-organised school that runs on barter, where participants bring simple items requested by the informal teacher.


Walking Bus

Walking or driving your children to school?  If you are pushed for time in the morning -  sharing the school run can be very helpful.


Neighbourhood Film Studio 

The neighbourhood film studio is a project that has been created with this in mind. It will support budding film-makers to make and enjoy films in the borough.


Secret Garden

Imagine a beautiful shared space for gathering, playing, growing and relaxing. This is exactly what local people are creating - we would love you to join us!


Pins & Needles 

Delightful mornings with other creative knitters and stitchers. Come & learn to knit from experienced knitters or meet fellow crafters for a chat and making sessions.



Someone in your street keeps chickens in their back garden.  Residents in the street supply the chickens with suitable food waste in exchange for regular fresh eggs.

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Open Corners

Do you have spaces nearby that could become a mini orchard, or vegetable garden? Would you like to be able to set up a community book sharing project in a small greenhouse? 


Rock Paper Scissors 

Work together as a network, to reduce barriers & risk to start earning a living through making & selling. This will allow people with early ideas to test the market.


Street Ball 

Take part in fun football games whatever your fitness level - in football cages - with music.



Welcoming Committee

A network of residents who would like to help people feel at home, find their way around and help families make friends  as soon as possible.


Bee School 

Have you dreamt of becoming a bee keeper? We hope to invite a large group of residents to take part in a more structured programme of learning, to become beekeeper. 


Games Cafe

The Games Cafe provides an opportunity to try out a range of games. They will be run in a community cafe style setting, with an unlimited supply of tea and biscuits!


Waste Works

Do you live in a building that would like to start a collective food composting project
on a shared public site near you? 


Sunflower Street

Imagine the streets of Barking and Dagenham filled with colourful sunflowers. In front gardens, outside shops, on street corners - wherever there is a small patch of earth.