What is Play Street?

Play Streets temporarily stop traffic in a residential street, cul-de-sac or square, creating an opportunity for children to play safely outside. Parents and neighbours host sessions by closing the street and bringing out toys and play equipment to share. By temporarily Stopping traffic, enjoy our streets together near our own front doors. 

How does the Every One Every Day team help you get started?

We try to make starting projects with your neighbours as easy and quick as possible. We help you talk to your neighbours, arranging meetings to discuss the idea, sometimes doing some gentle door knocking. We help with setting dates, support you making posters and promoting generally, and even have small budgets for shared play equipment. We love supporting projects by helping with road closures and helping set up!

The Aim?

The aim of the Play Street is to give members of the local community an opportunity to get together to promote building relationships between different cultures and ages as well as giving children a chance to play safely.