Would you like to live on a street where everyone has something to share and is open to lending each other a hand?


Plant some fruit trees or bushes

A couple of well cared for fruit trees can provide a community with plenty of fruit for a community’s juice, pie and snacks. Meet up with your neighbours and plant some for the years to come.

Keep bees

Honey bees have been kept in gardens for centuries. Practice skills you’ve learnt in Bee School and set up a hive at home. Swap your honey for neighbours’ produce, fruit or vegetables.

If you can imagine creating an Open Street on your road - simply email aggie@weareeveryone.org or pop into one of the shops to explore your ideas.

On an Open Street residents can set up a number of small projects on the same street, from chicken coops, to garden plots, to orchards or beehives. By connecting these projects up to each other, neighbours have more opportunities to meet up and share their surplus. Would you and your neighbours be interested in setting up two or more projects from the list below?

Chicken coop

Learn how to care for chickens at our Dagenham shop, build a coop and then keep chickens in your back garden. Swap your eggs for your neighbours’ produce, fruit or honey

Grow your own vegetables

Transform your local green into a communal veg garden. Share the surplus with neighbours in exchange for your neighbours’ eggs, fruit or honey


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