Do you want to learn something new from your neighbours?

Open Saturdays are a full day of sharing opportunities. It’s a chance for you to try out some hands-on activities, with people from your neighbourhood,

in a fun and cosy setting. There will be a variety of events for you to join, run by residents, for residents.

Come find out on Saturday 20 October, 2:00 - 4:00pm at 55 Ripple Road, Barking

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Block & Lino Printing

Saturday 20 October | 2:00 - 4:00pm

55 Ripple Road, Barking

Lino and Block Printing with Jake and Sarina. Join Jake and Sarina who’ll be sharing their creative skills, making lino prints and block prints to use for every occasion.

Lino printing is a gentle and relaxing carving technique. Learn how to create identical prints, which can be used to personalise your items. They can be used over and over again. Block Printing is cutting pieces of foam to create the pattern. Bring your drawings to life and print them onto paper, tote bags or bring along a piece of clothing you’d like to update.

Jake and Sarina, both local residents, will be sharing their knowledge on lino carving and block printing.

Also going on is On Saturday 20 October

Special Swahili Pilau Lunch with Jecinter and Brenda |  11:00am - 1:00pm

Pilau rice is commonly found in Asia and the Middle East, but trade brought it to the shores of Africa. It is a rice dish traditionally cooked with beef or lamb.

We are Jecinter and Brenda. We have a passion for family, food and community. We believe food speaks a language of love and has a way of breaking barriers and gathering people for a common good. This is us spreading love our way.