Gascoigne Community Coordinator 

Why I wanted to join the team

To have a greater impact in my community and make barking and dagenham a better place to live.

After stepping into the Dagenham shop as a local resident, starting the Street Ball project which uses football to engage people to be physically active. After experiencing how easy and possible it was to run local projects, I just wanted every resident to get involve. Helping people develop themselves, building up their self-esteem and strengthening their skills has always been a major priority for me. Hence why i started working in schools and coaching young people. However I feel like I can only reach a limited amount of people. This is why joining Every One Every Day has been such a blessing, not only do I get to work with great individuals that share my love of people but I am able to have a greater impact in my community.  Overall Every One Every Day is all about encouraging creative ideas with the local residents at the heart and being part of this team thats supports people from all walks of life is something that will always excite me.


A little bit about my background

I’m into sports, most specifically football named by the great Pele as the beautiful game. I started working with young people with challenging behaviour and started my own football coaching company within the borough of barking and dagenham. As I believe that football is a powerful tool that can be used to engage the youth and promote cohesion. OK thats the serious stuff out the way! I like to laugh and have fun, I really do think I’m hilarious. One way to my heart is…food! oh and trainers.