10.00AM - 4.00PM


Do you know who made your clothes, or where they came from?

Ever thought of making them yourself?

Now’s your chance! Come for a full day of workshops exploring sustainable ways of reusing, repairing and making your clothes.

It will be a fun and relaxed day of exploring the clothing industry and focusing on ethical, organic, fairtrade and innovative materials.

From those who have never picked up a needle, to those exploring the cutting edge of the clothes industry and everyone in between, everyone is welcome.

Throughout the day there will be sessions you can take part in at any time, including making your own t-shirt yarn. Turn an old t-shirt into meters of jersey yarn that you can knit or crochet with. From jewellery, to baskets, bowls and mats, the options are as endless as your creativity. Plus that tatty t-shirt gets a new lease of life!

Turn old clothes and materials into stylish new interior furnishings. Even making your own curtains using fabric scraps.

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Cross Stitch Your Pet

10.00 - 11.00am

Do you want to learn how to cross stitch? Could this be a chance to learn how to customise your clothes or other items? My name is Chely and I will show you the basics of how to cross stitch, and even how to create your pet using needle, thread and aida cloth.

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How to make a circle skirt

11.00am - 12.00pm

My name is Tosin and I am a seamstress. I believe that knowing how to make and fix clothes is one of the most empowering things you can do. Clothes are a basic necessity for everyone, but they can also make the world a beautiful place. I’ll show you a simple technique to make a circle skirt, to get you started!


Decluttering with a purpose

3.00 - 4.00pm

Have you ever wondered what you can do with the clothes you no longer want? Bring an item (or several!) and Hazel, who is a professional declutterer and has lived in Barking all her life, will give you some ideas.