A Space to Work and Make In...

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The Warehouse will be a central workshop resource
for the borough of Barking and Dagenham a space for co-working, collaboration, skill-sharing, and local manufacturing.

Are you working from home and need space to grow? Are you sitting at work right now and you're finally ready to make that career change? You may have a hobby or side project that could become a full time job? Or maybe, there's an idea you've always wanted to test out?

Join as an Early Bird Member today! 

As an early member you will be invited to: 

  • Maker-space Trip (Be inspired by a trip to community spaces in London similar to The Warehouse where people are already developing ideas, establishing businesses, co-working and more.)
  • Help design the Warehouse
  • Demo Day (take part in a day of demonstrations and workshops to experience a warehouse environment)
  • Networking event (meet with other early members and start to build connections in your area.

Opening Later this year near Dagenham East Station...


There are no costs to use the space.

The Warehouse is for the community and the aim is to work together to maintain the space and develop skills within the community.

A way you could help would be; once you have been trained to use machinery you then train other residents or pitch in if you see someone needs help.

We'd love to hear your ideas on how we can develop this further.


  • Business Development Programme 
  • Use of a huge range of tools and machinery 
  • Fashion and textiles equipment
  • Digital manufacturing equipment
  • Urban farm
  • Industrial kitchen
  • Clean and messy making spaces 
  • Induction on equipment 
  • Use of meeting rooms
  • Event space
  • Being part of community of makers
  • Programme of talks, skill shares and events
  • And more...

With free access to resources, skills and spaces such as...