John Akinde

Project Designer

Why I wanted to join the team

Over the years, i've been really keen on getting involved with the mission to engage and inspire people within the borough. I'm very passionate about building peoples aspirations and interactions with the eachother in the local community, I believe that joining Every One Every Day was in line with that ambition, particularly because of the exciting work the organization does. At the heart of Every One Every Day is inclusive community engagement, and that genuinely excites me. What is even more exciting, is being part of such a macro-level drive for social change - in my local borough.

A little bit about John's background

John Akinde, is a young poet, artist and politics graduate from Barking & Dagenham. John Akinde, started writing initially through rap & grime, until given the opportunity to explore poetry as a medium of expression through a local performing arts project.  Along the years, he has written and continued to create work that seeks to inspire and provoke thought, now using the medium of rap and poetry to engage communities, facilitate, entertain and provoke thought. Much of his work explores topics like youth justice, gang crime and social mobility, performing in various venues all over the country, which include, The Roundhouse and The BBC.