Jackie Tatham

Project Designer, Dagenham

Why I wanted to join the team?

For a while now I have been involved in the Everyone Everyday project as a resident, it gave me a space to really think about what I would love to do in an ideal world. By getting involved in the projects and creating some of my own I have really felt a sense of community and it is something that has improved the way I look and feel about the borough I live in. Being a part of a team the carries this sense of community and helping each other is always something I've wanted to be a part of and after experiencing that as a resident I was more curious to get involved and give back to those that have helped me in this process. I am someone that strongly believes that collaborative projects and businesses are the way forward in sustainability in our boroughs, creating things as a community means that you can bring together so many different things and I am so excited to be involved in that.

A little bit about your background?

Jackie has come from a creative background working as a photographer in a few different roles. She has been involved with cultural events in London, Taking photos and has been involved in encouraging and bringing those of different cultures together to collaborate on things like languages, food and dance. More recently Jackie started a project with Everyone Everyday called LightRoom where she set up a studio for residents to learn from and use free of charge. From this she also collaborated with a few other aspiring photographers and created an exhibition at the Dagenham Shop. Jackie also enjoys volunteering and helping dog charities by fundraising and taking photographs at special events.