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Iris SchönherR

Programmes Manager

Why I wanted to join the team?

I’ve always believed in the power and agency of people, and that people want and can create the world around them when given the opportunity. Participatory City is doing exactly that- creating the opportunities and structures to make participation an every day experience. And when people feel they can be part of creating things and participating in making life better, that has a long lasting positive impact on us and our communities. I’m really excited to be working with residents on collaborative businesses and to work with other cities on adopting a participatory culture.

A little bit about your background?

Iris has a long background in participation and co-creation. From working with teenagers in a local youth club, to co-creating a women’s group and a co-coaching group. She has three academic degrees, was trained in the Art of Hosting and at Schumacher College on Co-creation. Before joining Participatory City, Iris helped set up the New Citizenship Project, a  consultancy that helps organisations think of people as citizens not consumers. Within the 5 years there, she has led collaborative innovation projects within different sectors, from membership to food to co-operatives, and has developed open resources such as the CitizenShift and the Everyday Participation toolkit.