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Welcome to the Every One Every Day Project!

We know that Barking and Dagenham is a vibrant place to live and work, to grow up and older in.

This project will make it easier to spend time with neighbours doing practical and useful everyday things together that we all enjoy. 

What are your ideas for making community life even better for everyone in Barking and Dagenham?


How the project works

Every One Every Day builds on the 'hands on' projects that people have been creating over the last few years in their own neighbourhoods. These types of projects welcome people from all walks of life, and include:

  • Sharing skills, spaces and resources.
  • Families working and playing more together.
  • Batch cooking and community meals.
  • Food growing and tree planting.
  • Trading, making and repairing.

Every One Every Day is going to be part of the borough for a long time - at least five years and hopefully longer, and we hope to support residents to develop lots of project and businesses.


Support for getting things going – no complicated processes.

We welcome you to suggest ideas you would like to grow together with friends and neighbours.
This project will give the support you need to bring your ideas to life quickly. 

The team will make things very simple including:

• Finding you useful spaces for the projects (kitchens, workshops, storage spaces etc).
• Supplying materials and equipment for practical activities - no form filling for grants.
• By arranging insurances and health and safety
• Holding festivals, workshops and business programmes. 

There will eventually be 5 high street shops spread across the borough (starting with shops in ripple road and church elm lane) and a Central Warehouse for working and making together. 



Find out all the ways you can get involved straight away!