Hayely Bruford

Project Designer, Thames

Why I wanted to join the team

Every One Every Day is challenging the turbulent socio-political climate. People are becoming more disillusioned by politics and no longer want to wait for ‘experts’ in councils and governments to come up with ideas to improve areas over a prolonged period of time. I believe a shift is in motion, and it’s places like Every One Every Day that assist communities in taking back the control of their own futures. 

Every One Every Day is challenging norms, and doing it by empowering communities through participation and engagement; using innovation and co-production to create positive and sustainable change. This is something I really believe creates long-lasting change; it gives agency to those who are involved, empowers the area, and creates a positive and sustainable impact breeding right from within the heart of the community - the people. 

A little bit about my background

I join Every One Every Day from a background in Design, namely Speculative Design and Design Thinking. I believe design is key in developing new ways to tackle societal issues and have worked on projects with Mind Charity UK and Innovation Unit that question the systemic understanding of complex issues such as education inequality and mental health stigma.

I use ethnographic research and anthropological analysis of societal structures in order to identify where design projects can make an impact and couple this with more creative research methods using my skills in graphics, film and ceramics. 

I have most recently been working at Goldsmiths University, assisting in curating student work, leading ad hoc workshops and providing project advice to first year student on the Design BA course.