Calling all cooks, bakers, growers, and aspiring traders!

Saturday 30 March 10.00am - 4.00pm

At Martin’s Corner, 5 Porter’s Avenue, Dagenham, RM9 5YS  

Join in for an exciting day to celebrate food in Barking and Dagenham. All cooks, bakers, growers, traders, and people like you who like food are warmly invited to share your creations with one another, and enjoy how food brings health and pleasure to everyone’s life. Whether you cook or grow as a hobby, or whether you want to turn your ideas into a local business, please come along to meet others who will want to taste and admire your work - and might even want to work with you to start something new!

There will be speakers during the day who will share their knowledge and experience in starting food businesses - from food products and catering businesses to pop up markets and restaurants! 

Learn from other residents all about the collaborative food business programmes that will run throughout spring, and are open to every resident who wants to bring their food ideas to market.

So come along to share your tasty food, learn about your neighbours’ skills and ideas, get inspired by experienced food makers who are excited to meet you...and leave with ideas of how you might make and sell your food products!


Show others what exciting things you have been making from home and meet other cooks and growers who might want to start a food collective.

Learn from up and coming food businesses around London about how they kickstarted their businesses - including from expert chefs at Elysia Catering about how to create amazing menus from surplus food and a crew of talented food stall traders at KERB markets about how to set up a food stall.

Hear from participants in last year’s food programme and get excited about this year’s spring programme opportunities. Find out more on our collaborative business pages.