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They say it takes a village to raise a child. Laura is a great believer of that and wants to make, cook and meet with other families.

At 5 Porter’s Avenue, Dagenham, RM9 5YS

Laura is a new mum who is keen to meet other people and share parenting tips. If you are looking for ways to connect with other parents in the borough, bring your energy and ideas to this autumn series of sessions. From taking part in building forts made from natural materials, baking child-friendly biscuits to swapping clothes and toys you don’t need any more, there are lots of ways you can share knowledge and time.


Build A Fort


Design a Fairytale Fort

Tuesday 22 October | 12.00 - 2.00pm

Design a fort using natural wood, creating a sensory space using fabric that you can dye in the shop. We can even weave the fence in front of the shop to extend the colourful theme outside.

Fort Building

Tuesday 3 December | 12.00 - 2.00pm

Build a fort using fabric that has been dyed in the shop at a previous session. Create an imaginative place for your kids to explore! All using natural materials!


Baking Baby Biscuits

Tuesday 26 November | 12.00 - 2.00pm

Get baking with the little ones. Make snacks and treats, using recipes you know, or new ones you want to share with your neighbours. You can even adapt traditional ideas to make them suitable for little ones.


Clothes & Toy Swap


Clothes & Toy swap

Tuesday 5 November | 12.00 - 2.00pm

Tuesday 19 November | 12.00 - 2.00pm

Have your kids outgrown the toys and clothes they have? Do you want to exchange them with neighbours? Come and get ‘new to you’ clothes and toys for your children to enjoy.


Design Wrapping Paper

Tuesday 12 November | 12.00 - 2.00pm

5 Porter’s Avenue, Dagenham, RM9 5YS

Create personalised gift wrap! Choose your own design and print onto plain wrapping paper. Make your own wrapping paper at this creative session for all.