Cultural Exchange

Hola, Marhaba, Hello, Sveiki, Hallo, Ciao.

Are you interested in sharing words, stories and food from your culture, or interested in meeting others who are interested in sharing theirs? In our borough, there are many people who speak more than one language and lots who are interested in learning languages. There are also many of us who have roots from all around the world. The Culture Exchange is our space to see Barking and Dagenham from another cultural point of view. 

116 Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, RM10 9RL

Wednesday 6 March | 6.00 - 7.30pm

Wednesday 20 March | 6.00 - 7.30pm

Places to practice your language skills and learn about other people’s cultural traditions can be hard to find. Come to the Language & Culture Exchange to meet lots of like-minded people all in one evening. Spend a few minutes talking with the person in front of you: swapping everything from greetings in your language, to your holiday traditions. You’ll leave knowing things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Feel free to bring your favourite snack from around the world to share with everyone.