Would you love to learn how to cook some tasty and healthy dishes? Join your neighbours and try some delicious and diverse recipes in a fun and friendly environment. No experience required, the only ingredient you need is enthusiasm. At Martin’s Corner, 5 Porters Avenue,  RM9 5YS


Jazzed Up Jellof

Thursday  22 November  | 11.30am  - 1.00pm

Gemmia will be teaching us how to make Jellof rice using alternative grains, such as couscous and buckwheat. This is an easy recipe made from a tomato based sauce, usually infused with rice, which can be a side dish or eaten by itself.

About the Cook

My name is Gemmia, I run an African Caribbean catering company delivering quality meals to the local community. I have always loved cooking and believe that food brings people together.



Thursday 22 November  | 3.00 - 4.00pm 

We will learn how to make and shape the dough ready for baking and how to combine three simple ingredients in preparation for the sourdough bread. You will have the opportunity to taste the delicious finished product too.

About the Cook

My name is Mide and I’m a mother of one with one in the oven (pun intended). When I’m not gardening and growing vegetables, I’m in the kitchen baking and experimenting with different loaves of bread.