Collaborative Business

Every One Every Day Collaborative Business Programmes could be an ideal starting point for you!

The programmes have been shaped by talking and co-designing with local people to suit their aspirations and situations. The Collaborative Business Programmes have been designed to enable as many people as possible in Barking and Dagenham to participate, while reducing significantly the amount of personal risk normally associated with starting new businesses. They are also designed to be creative, fun, and exciting!

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Many business development programmes have been designed to select and support people with a highly developed idea, and who will be in a position to dedicate all their waking hours to building and testing their new business. One of the main reasons for this is because when you are starting a business on your own this is what it takes to be successful. This approach creates opportunities for very few people, and Every One Every Day needed and wanted to do things very differently.

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Warehouse Workshops

Are you interested in learning new skills in the kitchen that could help you build your new food business? Come to a workshop this summer with a food expert to try out new technical skills and learn how to take your product to market. Places are limited, so please sign up online on at:

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Co-op School

Have you ever wanted to open a business but don’t know where to begin? Do you enjoy working with others? Then Co-op School is for you! Join a 2-day training to help you start a business with others.

What is a Co-op?
A “co-op” or co-operative is a type of business that allows groups of people to share responsibilities as well as profits. Co-ops are owned and run by those who participate in them. There are over 7,000 co-ops in the UK, like architecture firms, bakeries, cafes and of course local shops on the high street.

Why be a Co-op?
Co-operatives reduce the risks associated with starting a business by allowing people to work together, sharing the tasks, workload, and the profit. This collaborative structure helps co-operatives to be far more successful than other business models because people can achieve more together than on their own. Co-operatives also enable communities to take ownership of assets and help spread wealth locally.

How do I start?
Co-op School will take place 11-12 July. Participants must join for both informative and fun days. There is no fee for participating but spaces are limited. If you’re looking for more collaborators, join our Collaborative Business programmes to meet others!

Day 1 : What is a Co-op and how does it work?

Thursday 11 July | 10.00am - 4.00pm

Learn all about co-operatives: what they are, how they work, and why they are successful. Hear from local co-operatives about how they share decision making and the running of their businesses. Develop your business idea and meet others who might be your future collaborators.

Day 2 : How do we set up our Co-op?

Friday 12 July | 10.00am - 4.00pm

Build your business model and get started with the basics of setting up your business, including choosing a legal entity and how to incorporate. Learn about funding opportunities from organisations that support co-operatives.

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All sessions will take place at The Warehouse, 47 Thames Road, Barking IG11 0HQ. Lunch and light refreshments will be provided. Sessions will be led by experts from Co-operatives UK and Business Launchpad.

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