Claire Baker

Project Designer, Dagenham

Why I wanted to join the team?

It was a no brainer.  After participating as a resident for 1 year and experiencing the positive impact this had on my life, and others I have met through the programmes, I knew I wanted to be involved with an organisation that was doing meaningful work in a Place that I love and is my home.

A little bit about your background?

I joined Every One Every Day after ending a success full 15 year career in hairdressing and fashion.

Having worked backstage at NY, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks, as a hairstylist backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show, and travelling globally for hairdressing clients, I had a realisation that j wasn’t doing meaningful work, in fact I felt I was doing the opposite. This was the wake up call, seeing client of mine set up a charity in Ethiopia and send thousands of children to school and micro finance female entrepreneurs- I know I wanted to be involved in something that made a difference.

Acknowledging that I had been able to create a successful career with little more than a goal and a desire, I jumped at the opportunity to work with young adults like me to show them that they can do the same.