Bryony lawless

Project Designer, Martin’s Corner

Why I wanted to join the team

The Every One Every Day initiative is unique- so much so that when I heard about it I got on a 17 hour bus back from Germany to find out more. As a volunteer and advocate for more people getting involved in their communities, I do strongly believe that strengthening networks is the first step to creating more compassionate societies. I love finding out about new community projects and meeting new people. I'm a particularly fond of shared dinners, clothes swaps, community gardening and upcycling. Open-minded and curious— I enjoy discovering new approaches to old questions, and collecting reasons for optimism.

A little bit about Bryony’s background

From project support in local government in Leeds, to volunteering for the Red Cross in Germany and operations with GoodGym; Bryony has always enjoyed getting to know how places work and what brings communities together. With different skills in facilitation, project design and engagement-- she's excited to work with residents make their ideas reality.