Amelie Pollet

Project Designer, Barking

Why I wanted to join the team?

I’ve been passionate about communities and participatory models for a while. I believe that solutions to current world challenges are embedded within each and every one of us and emerge when people interact and the community gets buzzing. I first joined Every One Every Day as part of the research project to collect stories from residents. After hearing all those incredible stories, I was determined to join the team and share new experiences with the lovely people I met.

A little bit about my background?

I studied urban social sciences at University in France, focusing on alternatives to mainstream urban design and community engagement in public policies. Professionally, I’ve been involved in various organisations engaging with the public. I’ve worked on public space activation in a post-industrial city with a lot of vacant spaces. And also helped launching the local branch of Singa, a charity connecting refugees with their local community through participation. I am also passionate about research and evaluation and likes to collect precious qualitative data to help improve practice.