Alice Evans

What I am working on at the moment

I’m understanding, learning and supporting others to understand what it takes to get people to the place where they want to, know how to and are able to collectively change systems. I’m particularly focused on how to ensure that everyone is given a voice and power is shared.

Why I wanted to join the Participatory City Foundation Board

I’ve been privileged to have been supporting PCF for a number of years as it tests, learns and grows its approach. I fundamentally believe in the concepts, principles, approach and desire that are at the heart of PCF and can’t wait to see it working to support people to realise their own ideas locally.

A little bit about my background

I’ve always worked in social justice – setting out in homelessness, but latterly working at Lankelly Chase, an independent foundation working to change the systems that perpetuate multiple disadvantage. Outside of work, I’m a parent of two amazing individuals and the proud owner of an orange camper van.