Alain Mapana

Senior Operations Manager

Why I wanted to join the team :

I have a strong passion for supporting, mentoring and helping people in the community. In my spare time I run a programme which helps prepare and guide pupils for life after education ,whilst enabling their interpersonal skills and professional development; through a continuous training and feedback session .

I was inspired by the way Participatory City is creating opportunities and structures to make participation an every day experience.The chance to be a part of something benefiting to the community is something I couldn’t wait to be a part of . 

A little bit about my background

I am a Passionate individual with a proven track record of successfully leading large operations teams to meet and exceed targets. With a diversified skill set, expertise in expanding network connections, persuasively introducing products, educating clients. Implementing pricing strategies, territory development and revealing customers needs to deliver solutions.

I join Every One Every Day from a role as a Regional Operations Manager running a complex and geographically distributed health transportation service involving over 300 people in my region . vehicles, machines, deadlines, budgets, contractors, health and safety and business development. 

I played football at both professional and semi professional youth  level , At the age of 17 I suffered a ligament injury which put a halt to on my Footballing career . My love for the game remained and I coach and mentor young athletes .