Akanele Kalu

Project Designer, Barking

Why I wanted to join the team

It is an amazing opportunity to be part of such a unique organisation that supports the local community by empowering residents to strengthen their community ties and develop a variation of projects. 
Growing up I always asked myself how I could make a positive impact on the world, over time I have learnt change comes from helping as many people as you can. I really enjoy researching and exploring different topics, joining the team at Participatory City allows me to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds and help them to facilitate their ideas.
As someone who loves interacting with others, the work being done by Participatory City, to create connected neighbourhoods where people are working, socialising and progressing together was the dream!

A little bit about my background

I have a background in Advertising and Marketing with experience developing effective strategies but really I like to think of myself as an explorer armed with  “Why, Where, What, Who and How”.  I always aim to connect with an experience, individual, culture or activity by immersing myself completely and I cannot wait to meet and work with the people of Barking and Dagenham!