Ade Yusuf

Project Designer, Martin’s Corner

Why I wanted to join the team?

Having been to the warehouse in barking and experiencing a few events first hand, I found myself marvelling at the potential possibility of being part of an organisation that can change the world, even if that means changing one person’s world at a time. The opportunity to work with local people in my own borough and collaborate on projects that can provide positive spaces, social initiatives and support is one that ties in with my personal mantra “Everyone wants to feel valued; everyone wants to feel valuable.” Being part of an organisation that can facilitate the discovery of different points of value in people who might not initially see them in themselves excites me, and restores my hope in the future I feel we all deserve to see.

A little bit about my background

My background consists of a variety of things ranging from coaching, mentorship, arts and academic study to event planning and copy editing.